Wedding Photographer’s Advice to Brides & Grooms

First & foremost, the boutonnière!

The boutonnière is attached to the left lapel of the jacket, just over the heart. Don’t forget it!

Be Ready for your Photographer’s Arrival

You would think this goes without saying, but most often we find brides & their bridesmaids falling behind. This tends to happen because they are sweating the small stuff, trying to stick to a timeline, and making sure everything is “perfect.” As Lou would say, “Take a deep breath…and enjoy the day!” Be ready for things to not go as planned, days can be unpredictable! Be ready to make the most out of every situation and love what the day brings! Be ready to get in your wedding dress and show up on time for your ceremony, that is what’s most important.

Prepare Inside the Largest Room 

Many of the getting ready photographs feature the beautiful half of the room. Glowing bride & her beautiful bridesmaids by her side, all getting their hair & makeup done. However, the other side of the room…let’s just say it’s in disarray. Pick the biggest room possible for your getting ready photographs as it holds many advantages. There will be less shuffling and clutter, more photography options, and an overall better flow of preparation for your big day!

Unplugged Weddings 

Let’s state the obvious. Nobody wants their vows interrupted by their Uncle’s ringtone! Nobody! Unplugged weddings mean reinforcing to your guests no use of cell phones during your wedding ceremony. You paid a large amount for your photographer & videographer to capture your wedding day, you do not need family members standing in their way! Aisles can become clogged up with many people all taking video & photo of your ceremony. Remove the temptation from them and have each one of your guests turn off their cellphone. This is a strongly encouraged idea from all wedding professionals!

Seal it With a Kiss and Make It Last 

Being the center of attention is difficult for some people, and they do their best to avoid it. If this describes you, I have some bittersweet news. There are a few times you will need to brave that storm on your wedding day! One of them is when you seal your marriage with a kiss. In order for your photographer to capture this moment perfectly it needs to last longer than a second. Seal your vows, kiss your spouse, and hold it longer than usual. Your photographer needs time to capture this moment!!

Practice the Dip Shot 

If you are interested in having a traditional dip shot in your wedding dress, practice, practice, practice! Just like with everything else, practice makes perfect. If you attempt this for the first time on your wedding day, know that results may not be ideal. How to dip? Glad you asked. Groom needs to have a strong stance with his foot out front. Groom will firmly hold the bride & start to turn her into dip position. Putting all the weight on his front foot for balance for both parties, he will have his bride in the perfect position. All she has to do his trust him, not go all floppy, and kiss him passionately. As said before practice makes perfect!


These are just a few things your photographer would love for you to know! Best of luck planning your special event! Frankie Carll Productions would love to be a part of it, give us a call and find out what we can do for your special day!

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