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We’re sorry it has taken us so long to get our first post up, but if you know anything about the wedding business you know that June is an extremely busy month. This leads me to the title of this blog, Plan Early, Don’t Settle.  If your event is scheduled for the height of wedding season, May, June, September, or October, you may miss the chance to secure your top choice vendor unless you book well in advance.  Selecting a vendor can be overwhelming since there are so many different vendors available who all offer the same service however, they don’t all offer the same quality of work and service reliability.  If you’re planning an event during the aforementioned time of year, I’m sure you already know, it’s not an easy task and it does require some shopping to find the right fit for you.

When you find the right vendor you will just know it.  You will know who they are because they have a great track record, good reviews, and they are proven to deliver what they promise.  You will have that comforting feeling of knowing that this company will not let you down, you know they will take care of all of your needs that you’ve agreed upon for your special day.  You can rest easy the night before your event knowing that the company you chose will come through for you on your big day.  These types of professionals have an excellent reputation and they tend to book up quickly.

My advice to you is when you know you have selected the right vendor, contract them immediately.  These professionals will be working the day of your event, if not for you then for someone else, so hire them while they’re still available.

Frankie Carll Productions has been around for 30+ years in the wedding industry which has allowed us to see the best and the worst of every possible wedding day service.  Companies who have stood the test of time have done so for a reason.  They are true professionals and their reliability is proven, their knowledge is extensive, and their quality of service is incomparable.

Here are the top three reasons of why you should begin planning your event early:

  1. You will have your top choice in selecting a vendor

  2. You will not have to settle for a vendor that you really do not want.

  3. Peace of mind knowing that you have hired true professionals to take care of you on the most important day of your life.

Reviews are very important when selecting a vendor, you will read feedback from clients who have firsthand experience working with the company.  Please look us up on Wedding Wire or The Knot and read our reviews.  We are a five-star rated company and extremely proud of the work we’ve done.

Frankie Carll productions is your one stop shop for entertainment, video, and photography.  Our staff here at Frankie Carll Productions looks forward to writing to you again.  Keep your eye out for our next blog Why Hire a Professional Photographer for helpful tips and information to plan your event.  Stay in touch and enjoy your June!


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