Photographers hate this word, Pinterest! But why?

(Disclaimer: This is not a picture we have taken, this is an example Pinterest picture.)

I want to start off by saying that Pinterest is a great tool to use upon generating exciting wedding photos. While photographers have many great shots they will be bringing to the table, fresh ideas on Pinterest can help make your wedding photos unique and over the top! That being said, Pinterest can lead to unrealistic expectations of your wedding day photographs. Why is this?

There are a few things Pinterest is able to have at their disposal that you will not. First, the images shown there often times hire models to pose as the bride & groom. These are trained professionals who pose naturally and have their picture taken for a living. Most couples admit to us they do not like to have their picture taken. This is already one disadvantage your photo may have in comparison to a Pinterest picture. Being in the moment and enjoying yourself is key to capturing a perfect photo!

Time is a huge factor on your wedding day when it comes to photos. Rarely does everything run perfectly on time where your bridal party is ready, the photographer keeps everyone’s attention photo to photo, and there are no hiccups in transportation. The difficulty of coordinating everyone in a short amount of time is high and can lead to time constraints. When it comes to an image you see on Pinterest, that photographer may have only had to capture just one good image of a certain pose. Not only that, but they could have spent a few hours on that one image. On your wedding day you will not have that luxury, so try putting more important shots at the forefront if possible.

Even in saying this we do not want to leave you with the impression that your photos will be lackluster, far from it! Many trained professionals, like ours, can capture breath taking shots like the ones you see on this post!

What any photographer will tell you in regards to recreating an image is this. They possibly have different gear than the photo in question, and they are not the same photographer who took the original. Dissecting this, it is easy to understand the gear aspect. We can all respect the difference between an iPhone and a Samsung, they are two totally different phones. The same goes for cameras whether they be Sony, Nikon, Cannon, etc, they all take a different picture. Not knowing what camera a photographer used creates a barrier in recreation.

Being a different photographer also represents a challenge. Photographers have their own style much like artists paint different styles of pictures. While two people can try to make the same image, they will inevitably look different. They have their own unique taste and perspective on their art form. To try to recreate a shot perfectly another photographer thought up is a huge undertaking. Of course the professional will be able to put their own creative spin on it, but most likely cannot recreate it fully. Bear this in mind when an image you saw on Pinterest was perfect!

It is important to come in with realistic expectations when asking your photographer to recreate a shot of any kind, Pinterest or a friend’s wedding. They are not the same photographer who took the original shot, they have different gear, time may not have been as huge of a factor, and you are not a trained model (or maybe you are!). As each couple is unique, so is each photographer. It is important to choose one whose style suits your own.

At Frankie Carll Productions we pride ourselves on being a well-reviewed company and have been a part of thousands of events just like the one you are planning. With many great dates available for 2018 and 2019, give us a call and let us know if we can be a part of your special day!

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