The Making of Our Company Sample

Bridal shows are a very important part of our company, and help keep us in operation year after year. However, showing up is not enough. Once at the show, we need materials to hand out. These materials include brochures, new pricing, new add-ons, but what separates us from the competition is our DVD sample. The sample goes over all our services, shows us in the field, and gives you a real taste of what we can do for your wedding. It’s simple to summarize, but the work that goes into it is more involved than you think. This blog will give you an inside look on our day-to-day of making the sample that helps you plan your wedding!


To put together a professional sample takes time, about a month’s time to be exact, and with our busy schedules December is the only month we can manage it. To begin the process, we needed to view our old DVD. In just a couple years’ time, it was clear changes needed to be made.  Music needed updating, some of our DJ’s were not featured, and we wanted footage of 2016 weddings (not 2014 or older). Once we knew what changes needed to be made to our sample, we began setting the stage for filming.



Luckily, we have an in-house green screen. Setting the backdrop is essential in guaranteeing the quality of our video. Then, just like a wedding, we began setting up our mixers, lights, and microphones. Only instead of carrying equipment through the front door, we went up multiple flights of stairs! Good thing we work out. Next, we needed to schedule our DJ’s to recite their lines.

Most of us have full-time jobs in addition to DJing your special event, so scheduling can become a difficult task. After two weeks of juggling different schedules, our raw footage was finally recorded. We tore it all down, but the mixers away, the green screen, everything! Disaster struck when we realized we forgot to record one line, but we’ll skip ahead of the part where we set it all back up again just to tear it down for one line! Truly heartbreaking. Then came the last part of the process, editing the masterpiece.


Down in our editing studio many of us took turns cutting up the takes, putting them in place, and making finishing touches on the project. All in all, editing takes up about half the time of the process. Our months’ work is then reflected in a DVD sample we are all proud of. That DVD gets about a year of life helping prospective brides get an idea of how we can make their wedding dream a reality. Then, come December, we start the long process all over again, just for you!


So, there you have it. It takes a village to raise a DVD Sample. Getting flyers ready is a much easier feat, but we believe a sample is the best way for you to fully understand our company and the high level of service, dedication, and experience we bring to the table. We hope the planning of your special event goes smoothly, and of course we hope the team at Frankie Carll Productions can be a part of it.

Frankie Carll productions is your one stop shop for entertainment, video, and photography.  Our staff here at Frankie Carll Productions looks forward to writing to you again.  Keep your eye out for our next blog for helpful tips and information to plan your event.  Stay in touch!  Good luck and we’ll talk to you next time!


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