Why Hire a Professional Photographer

Why hire a professional photographer?

The answer is simple, to get a professional level of quality in the photographs of one of the most important days of your life. The images your photographer captures are the images that will be hanging on the walls of your home and let’s face it, the wall of your Facebook page.  You’ll want those memories to be captured just as beautifully as the day truly was.


Top 10 reasons to hire a professional photographer

  1. The quality of your images will be superior to that of an amateur photographer because of the skills a professional photographer would bring to the table from their years of experience and refined eye.

  1. Attention to detail. A professional photographer has been trained to pay attention to every detail no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant.  They will capture all of the details of your day like the “I Do” stickers on the bottom of your shoes or the raised floral embossing on the place cards at your reception.  They will then incorporate those details in your personalized wedding album design.

  1. A professional photographer will use high-end camera equipment to photograph your event and they will carry backup equipment as well in the event of technology failure. Most importantly, a professional photographer knows how to use their equipment to its fullest extent to produce breathtaking images.

  1. Lighting is extremely important. A professional photographer knows and understands the variations of light and can use them to his or her advantage while capturing your day.  Try this: take out your cellphone and snap a photo of a cat (or anything really) sitting in front of a bright window.  The camera in your phone will automatically adjust to the main light source of the sunlight coming through the window.  However, you will not be able to see the face of the cat, only a silhouette.  Or, on the other hand, you may get a beautiful shot of the cat but an extremely bright white window.  A professional photographer knows how to adjust the lighting on the equipment he or she uses the balance the light coming in the window so you will be able to see both the outside as well as the cat’s face properly.


  1. Strike a pose! The way your posed in a picture can make or break the image. Professional photographers are creative and know the most flattering way to pose you to look your absolute best.

  1. Organizing your day. A professional photographer can double as your time manager.  A professional understands the flow of your day and can help keep your schedule on track with a well prepared, previously discussed shot list.

  1. Experience is a must when selecting a photographer. Seasoned photographers know what to expect on your wedding day because they’ve probably seen it all before.  They know all of the traditions within the whole spectrum of religious ceremonies.

  1. The last thing you want on your wedding day is more stress. A really good professional photographer can help ease the stress.  Couples can relax knowing that their photographer has control over their day.

  1. Familiarity with local venues as well as hot spots to get formal photos taken. A professional photographer has most likely been to most, if not all of the local venues.  They know the ins and outs of the venue so they will already have it mastered for your wedding day.  They also will have great suggestions of scenic areas to go when taking your formal photos with your bridal party.

  2. The quality of your wedding album when captured and designed by a professional is second to none!

When shopping for a professional photographer my advice to you is to make an appointment to sit down and speak with your photographer.  Get to know what they have to offer by viewing samples of their images, view their albums, and read their reviews.  There is far more to wedding photography than just owning a camera.  It’s a skill that requires knowledge of composition, understanding of lighting, a creative eye, communication skills, careful planning, and personality!!  Hire an established professional photographer and take comfort knowing you are in good hands.

Ultimately the decision to hire a professional photographer is up to you.  Frankie Carll Productions has been capturing weddings for over 30 years using state of the art commercial grade camera equipment and accessories.  All of our photography packages include a full day of coverage starting where the bride is getting ready until the end of the reception.  We do not charge by the hour as we know that each wedding day is different and it is more important to us to capture your day in its entirety.  We offer online viewing and a variation of different albums to choose from.  If you’re planning a wedding give us a call today 570-587-2740 and get to know what we have to offer!

Frankie Carll productions is your one stop shop for entertainment, video, and photography.  Our staff here at Frankie Carll Productions looks forward to writing to you again.  Keep your eye out for our next blog Same Sex Weddings for helpful tips and information to plan your event.  Stay in touch!  Good luck and smile!



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