Gearing Up For 500 Events

Gearing Up For 500 Events

If being in the wedding industry was as easy as booking a job and showing up to the event, we would have been run out of business a long time ago. Thank goodness that is not the case! This is not a field where anyone with a camera, a DJ system, or a photo booth can do the job right. The truth is the process to prepare for a wedding is very involved, and a company like ours with seasoned professionals is prepared to handle it. In fact, we are able to handle it 500 times over! Today we would like to give you some insight into how we prepare for our wedding season.


First, we have to round up our staff. While we still work from January-March, it is not at the same level of volume that we have the rest of the year. Because of this, we have to reconnect with most of our part-time staff who have enjoyed their weekends off. When we meet with them we hand out their new schedules, see how they’re doing, and pump them up for all the new and exciting things we have planned for the season. We also take the time to further their abilities to ensure we are providing the best possible wedding service in our area.


With our staff ready to go, we check in on our gear. We have DJ systems, ceremony systems, cameras, video cameras, photo booths, uplighting, vehicles, and cables upon cables! All our inventory is inspected and this takes a huge chunk of our time. Over the course of 500 events, it is customary for some of our equipment to need repairs. As a professional wedding company, we have the technology and the man power to make any necessary adjustments. We ensure that when it leaves our office, our staff will be able to perform any wedding to the highest quality. Some vendors do not check their equipment, and later find out it is not functioning correctly in the field. We never run that risk, because we know you do not get a second chance at a first dance.

The last piece of the puzzle is our brides and grooms. We work with every single couple to craft their special days down to the final detail. For photography, we gather special shots they desire, for videography we confirm all the hours, photo booths we create the design for each scrapbook, but the granddaddy of them all is our DJ’s. DJ’s are a vital part of every wedding reception, some say the most important part, and we strive to be on the same brainwaves as our brides during their big day. The filling out of paperwork, inputting of information, and scheduling appointments takes time and all happens just weeks before each wedding. We contact our clients early enough to stay ahead of any last-minute disasters. There is no reason you have to email your DJ the night before your wedding, and we take away the stress of this process.


So maybe it does not sound intense, but we are professionals and make it look easy. Rounding up staff members, checking all equipment, and gathering all the details for every wedding is the name of the game and we play it well to the tune of 5 stars. The 2017 wedding season promises to be a great one and we can’t wait to make your party simply amazing!

Frankie Carll productions is your one stop shop for entertainment, video, and photography.  Our staff here at Frankie Carll Productions looks forward to writing to you again.  Keep your eye out for our next blog for helpful tips and information to plan your event.  Stay in touch!  Good luck and we’ll talk to you next time!

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