Do Not Plays at Weddings – Top 10 !

The most famous quote in terms of musical selections went something like this in 2019, “No line dances…but it’s okay to play the Cupid Shuffle, IF NEEDED!”


Do plays & do not plays are so vitally important to your wedding DJ! These items help the DJ craft the atmosphere you are looking to create musically. While most playlists are unique, we would like to take the time to observe the 10 songs that never stood a chance at getting played during our 2019 wedding season.


10. Sweet Caroline

BUM BUM BUM! Skipping this one never felt so good, so good, So Good, SO GOOD!

9. Mambo No. 5

Bride’s named Angela, Pamela, Sandra, & Rita said without this song their wedding was sweeta’.

8. ANY Michael Jackson

That means no Billie Jean, no P.Y.T., nobody Rockin Wit’ You, nobody going Off The Wall, the DJ can stop with Michael Jackson…the people have had enough.



7. Blurred Lines

This song does lay the inappropriateness on a little too Thicke for some crowds.

6. Love Shack

Couples would rather just ‘86 this B-52 jam.

5. Heavy Metal

I know it is not a song, but many couples let us know this genre was not an option. (Don’t worry we are never tempted to play any heavy metal!)



4. Macarena

AAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, we won’t play it!

3. Cotton Eyed Joe

If it hadn’t been for cotton eyed joe, many a teenage girl would certainly be sad. To this day it remains a favorite at Prom.


It’s fun to stay at the…! It’s in my opinion you have a better chance at winning the lottery, than meeting someone at a wedding who has never heard this song before.


1. The Chicken Dance!

Without a doubt, the clear front runner in this competition! The good news is I do not anticipate seeing the Chicken Dance falling back into favor. This song is the most disliked song, and we at Frankie Carll Productions are happy to oblige leaving it off your playlist.


Honorable mentions: Uptown Funk, Electric Slide, Livin On A Prayer, to name a few.



We at Frankie Carll productions simply aim to play the hits and ensure people are dancing all night long! We give couples the freedom to supply us with as many Do or Do not plays as they like. Working with couples to create the wedding of their dreams musically is something we enjoy! We want your guests to talk about your wedding for years to come! Request info or call us today at 570-587-2740!

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