5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Booking Your Wedding!


With 35 years of experience as wedding professionals, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about planning a wedding. From our perspective & expertise, it is time to reveal 5 common mistakes you should try and avoid when planning your wedding.

1. Skipping the Videographer

Couples make sure the reception is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the DJ rocks the party while a Photographer captures all the images. However, in an effort to save money a videographer is sometimes nowhere to be found. How many times have you gone to a concert and not recorded a video of your favorite song? Video speaks so much louder than photos! How else will you hear your wedding vows, your parent’s words, and witness the wonder of where your story began? Make video a priority and you will not regret it! As your marriage ages, the moments captured become richer and richer.

2.  Blowing Off Your Wedding Budget

This ties into the first point as it is incredibly easy to go over your estimated wedding budget, just ask another married couple. First, find out what is most important for you and your significant other. This could be location, photographer, food, dress, etc. Once you have these items ranked, feel free to overspend a little on the top priorities and then be more fiscal with lower end items. You might find yourself dropping lower end wedding desires, just let that be a late-night snack or a fancy sign in book instead of your wedding video!

3.  Not Asking Enough Questions

When selecting a vendor be sure to cover the basics up front. Make sure they have years of experience, they have been to your venue, and stray away from only asking what they typically charge? A seasoned wedding professional can describe a wedding day tradition-by-tradition if asked. This will help you find out if they specialize in weddings! Your list of questions can be lengthy, but just bear in mind there is no such thing as a stupid question! Even if the question is, “Will the DJ have a wireless microphone?” Sadly, some DJ’s do not carry one. The more questions a vendor asks you, the more you can trust their experience.

4.  Hiring a Friend Instead of a Pro

Hiring a friend has one pro and many cons. The first pro is saving money, and while it is a big pro most times you get what you pay for. Every time we watch a friend of the couple work, it leaves something to be desired. Let’s just say one time I saw a friend do video, and I had to tell them to move out of the center of the aisle as the ceremony began. They were about to block everyone from processing, including the bride! A DJ can have no mic presence and lack wedding awareness. A photographer most likely has never shot a wedding before! A low budget photo booth often is never used at a wedding as it is not visually appealing. The cons list continues on, so please know that if you are hiring a friend it is most likely not the best choice unless they themselves are a wedding professional.

5. Forgetting to Focus on What’s Important

This tip is quick, brief, and possibly the most important. Focus on your soon to be spouse! Forget the planning that went into, all the minor details to make it “perfect,” and be happy to be next to the one you love the most. That’s right! Do not lose sight that you are getting married to your best friend and are meant to enjoy the day together. Focus on your spouse and cherish every moment!



At Frankie Carll Productions we pride ourselves on being a well-reviewed company and have been a part of thousands of events just like the one you are planning. With many great dates available for 2020, give us a call and let us know if we can be a part of your special day!

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